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Join Dental Outreach’s Graduate Development Program
for a Rewarding Dental Career

Are you a general dentist looking to enhance your skills and broaden your clinical expertise? Dental Outreach’s Graduate Development Program (GDP) offers comprehensive training to ensure dentists are proficient in a wide range of clinical procedures and scenarios. At the conclusion of the GDP, participants will have the ability to plan and provide multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary general dental care for patients of all ages, including those with special needs and complex medical conditions.

Comprehensive Training for a Versatile Dentistry Practice

The GDP at Dental Outreach is designed to provide graduate dentists with the necessary skills to excel in diverse clinical situations. By incorporating didactic and clinical educational opportunities, participants acquire the knowledge and expertise required to evaluate and treat patients from young children to the elderly. This includes patients with special needs and medical complexities in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Cultural competence and patient-centred care are instilled through leading by example, ensuring that every patient receives exceptional treatment tailored to their unique needs.


Extensive Learning Opportunities

GDP participants have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through involvement in Dental Outreach’s regional dental outreach programs. These programs encompass visits to local schools, kindergartens, as well as aged care and nursing homes (ACFs). Such experiences expose participants to diverse patient populations and enable them to develop a deeper understanding of the dental needs and challenges faced by these individuals. Additionally, GDP participants may engage in special needs dentistry, working closely with people who have intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as significant medical issues. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded skill set and enhance the participant’s ability to provide comprehensive dental care.


Placements and Mentorship

Successful applicants will be granted the opportunity to undertake a placement at one of Dental Outreach’s fixed or mobile dental practices. During this placement, ongoing mentorship and support from experienced staff within Dental Outreach will be provided. This mentorship is crucial in facilitating the accelerated development of the applicant’s skill base, allowing them to gain confidence and expertise in various dental procedures.


Skills and Experience Requirements

To be eligible for the GDP, applicants must possess competency in general dentistry. Furthermore, a commitment to delivering exceptional patient-centred care is essential. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are highly valued, as they promote effective interactions with patients and colleagues. Applicants must also hold current AHPRA registration with no restrictions, possess professional indemnity insurance, and possess an appropriate dental qualification recognised by the Dental Board of Australia.


Comprehensive Curriculum

The GDP curriculum covers an extensive range of subjects to enrich participants’ knowledge and expand their skill set. Some of the subjects included are dental implants, prosthodontics, crown and bridgework, inlays and onlays, imaging modalities, dental laboratory and clinical processes, dental sleep medicine, TMJ/TMD management, and many more. This diverse curriculum ensures that participants are equipped with the expertise needed to address the varied dental needs of their patients.

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